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Rasmus Bugge Skammelsen

Digital designer passionate about innovation, function and accessibility


"I would entrust him with any UX work that came my way..."


Hendrik Knoche

A screenshot of the main workspace for the Preparation Tool.
A showcase of the workspace, the widgets and an open panel of the Prep Tool.
Improvements made for the 'Add partner' functionality.

A Customer Data Gathering Platform for Bank Advisors

Danske Bank 2022

A colleague of mine with an EEG cap.
The paradigms created from the state-of-the-art litterature
Screenshots of the two experimental softwares made for the study.
Four models of the framework established through this study.

A Study in Fabricated Input for Rehabilitation

Master's AAU 2020

A stylished banner showing screenshots of the Ticketbutler client.
A selection of the mini design system I made for Ticketbutler.
A before and after GIF of the 'My events' page.
A showcase of the new look and feel of Ticketbutler.

A Refreshed UI for Event / Ticketing Platform

Ticketbutler 2021

A stylished banner showing screenshots of the reimagined DRTV app.
A stylished banner showing screenshots of the reimagined DRTV app.
A new flow for searching.
A animation showing the new DRTV design in light and dark mode.
Screenshots of the main page before login and the new profile page.
A redesigned content page showing the new notification feature.

A Case Study: Making DRTV Discoverable


More cases coming...



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